Your Opinion About The Alkatronic

Hey everyone, just thought that I'd post this here so we can see what everyone feels about the Alkatronic and if there are any general ideas to make it better.

Overall I'd start off by saying that it is a very well built unit. Definitely make reefkeeping so much easier (at least for me it does). Before getting the Alkatronic, I had always thought about keeping SPS (meaning having a dominant SPS tank) but just never committed to it. Now with the Alkatronic I am 100% more comfortable doing so and I have since completely redesigned my DT with SPS being the focus. Thus far the unit has done wonders for me and is keeping my dKH steady enough for me.

What about y'all?

I think it is a great piece of tech and equipment and that the support has been nothing short of fantastic..... It has helped me level out my dkh and given me peace of mind to work a busy schedule...👍... Now bring on the Dosetronic lol

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Alkatronic.