I´ve just started using the Dosetronic with my Alkatronic. Both the alkatronic and dosetronic schedule action time on the full hour.

Dosing is set 5 past the hour, 10 past the hour and 15 min past the hour. I use the Triton core 7 wich means 3 pumps dosing, it also means Im supposed to dose equal amounts from all three containers,

Now, what Ive noticed is that when dosing and the alkatronic measuring dKH happens on the same time (for example 12 oclock) the dosetronic starts dosing according to the schedule (12.05, 12.10 etc) which is paralell to the alkatronic measuring. In the time it takes for the alkatronic to do a measure the dosetronic has dosed 2 out of three containers. If dKH then is to high the alkatronic tells the dosetronic to not dose and the 3rd container doesn't dose then. This means that I don't get the same amount dosed from all three containers.

I would wish for a possibility to choose the dosetronic (or alkatronic) to dose or measure maybe half past the hour so they don't clash.

At the moment my dosetronic is set on ODA. I tried setting it to SDA and it said that for 24 hrs my alkatronic would measure every 2 hours. But what happened was it stopped measuring and the time on the display for the next measure was continuously set to 02.00.