Alkatronic & CaRx Idea

I was thinking about something for those with a CaRx. I see that the Alkatronic has an extra BNC port that is designated for the Dosetronic. I was wondering if that port could be programmed to work with a pH probe as well and maybe have a toggle/radio button to determine whether it is being used for the Dosetronic or a CaRx.

The thought is if possible, if using the 2nd BNC for a pH probe that the Alkatronic can be used to control the pH level in the CaRx and shut off the power to the solenoid if the pH goes out o a certain range in the CaRx chamber.

May not be possible with the current model of the Alkatronic, but since you guys can already measure pH for testing dKH, maybe applying that same concept to monitoring the pH for the 2nd (or maybe 3rd BNC) to shutoff the CO2 feed would be great. Then those that do not have an Apex or other aquarium controller can solely use the Alkatronic for CaRx control. Thoughts?

I do see in the iOS app there is an option for a secondary BT outlet so maybe that is something that you guys have considered and maybe just haven't yet implemented.