Spectrum internet -connection issues

Hey all,

Anybody else have Spectrum for internet and cannot connect their Alkatronic via Wi-Fi?

My alkatronic will connect fine if I use my phone as a hot spot so I know the alkatronic functions correctly.

Do I have to forward a port or something? Any help is appreciated. I'm no network guru.


Also you should have to forward any ports either for the wifi to work properly. I found out (already knew actually) that the wifi in the routers that are provided by the ISPs are complete garbage. When you setup your Google Wifi (if you decide to go that route) just setup the SSID the exact same as you have for your spectrum wifi so you won't have to reconfigure anything. Then you can either disable the wifi in the Spectrum router or determine if you can 100% use the Google Wifi as your router as well.

Hey @FarmerTy I switched over to Google Wifi and every single issue that I was having at home related to wifi have been resolved. You may want to give it a shot.

PS: You can ship me one of those frags for the advice, lol

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