A case from Italy

Just received this from one of our users from Italy. With the help of Alkatronic, this system is able to achieve a very stable dkh. This is also a very good example showing how Alkatronic can help regulate your calcium reactor. One interesting point about this setup and how the user has set the Alkatronic is using the upper limit to control his calcium reactor instead of the commonly used lower limit.

8_1535733440178_EAE1AC55-7B9B-4A5E-A7A9-9DFBA0DEC410.jpeg 7_1535733440178_AB21240B-9C46-455C-9E7F-0C550BB49CBC.jpeg 6_1535733440178_C97D1095-FACE-49DB-8309-CB10AE4681F6.jpeg 5_1535733440178_D27BE4DB-E5F4-4628-8AD0-39AA251D4296.jpeg 4_1535733440178_5DCB3AA2-1166-412B-B224-811327AD8679.jpeg 3_1535733440178_B02012EA-376E-416E-8FB1-24ECB277560A.jpeg 2_1535733440178_9169CDD0-3F1C-4F4A-B745-D020A61479B5.jpeg 1_1535733440178_E8F15664-C89E-417D-8BB0-2BC465C4D2DD.jpeg 0_1535733440177_B0299F0A-FEA0-4138-8730-489D1214FE8E.jpeg

Wow stunning tank