App update?

Hi what did the Apple app update include this morning? It just said bug fixes.

Thanks Tim

From Jonas

Hi. The new app was just a step to get some log data for further help in debugging. A more substantial updated will follow when we have included the “fast mode” function. App works fine with all coming updates in fw of machine. Stay tunes for that updates. We will soon push out them and announce.

Yes orp port is possible to use if you in apex enable that port to be a ph port instead which is possible as it’s same sort of signal. So in apex you go to that port and enable ph for that port.
Salinity port is not possible to use. Another signal.

You can also expand number of ph/orp ports by buying a pm 1 module. Through that pm1 you can connect Alkatronic:-)/Jonas

That would be some good info to know for sure