Settings not being saved


I have a brand new unit that i am just setting up but i seem to be having a problem with settings being saved, the connection is through bluetooth and the app does say the settings are saved, i can exit the app and go back in straightaway and the settings are saved but leave it an hour or 2 and the settings revert back.
The settings i'm talking about are test frequency and tank volume.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you

Thank you for that, I have checked the Bluetooth connection and I have the green icon, when I click save on the lcd it says LR:7.10 HR:8.10 even though I have set the values to 7.50 LR and 8.5 HR. The unit is doing something after I save because the lcd changes however the settings aren’t saved to the unit.

The reason is probably that you had no BT connection when you did this settings so they were not transfered to Alkatronic. When doing settings always be sure that the green dot is ligtning, and that you get thet settings confirmed in the LCD of the Alkatronic. If that is confirmed, the settings will definitely be saved.
If using iOS this is always very stable connection, if using Android, some units have BT issues, and thats on the android side, so if you use android take extra care that you see the settings confirmed in LCD of the unit. Very soon (already working, I am testing it) you can do these settings also from the cloud!, then you do not have to have BT connection at all, but just go to the cloud page (our www address, see manual), and do the settings from there, and those will be transferred to the machine within 10-30 seconds wherever you are in the word!:-) /Jonas, Designer