Bugs & Fixes

Perhaps it would be good to have a thread to list bugs & possible fixes we come across.

My current find
Unit was working perfect - unit was testing correctly & on schedule & uploading to cloud fine.
I go in to the app and extend my test frequency to longer & now the cloud is not being updated
Tests have been done as visible via the app.

I've made double sure all apps are closed & bluetooth off on any devices that can connect & lock the unit on bluetooth instead of WiFi

I've rebooted the unit
I've deleted/saved/reentered/ saved the SSID/Pass

so far nothing put it back online
I will get it to connect again but this is something that shouldn't happen.

I've had a similar issue with the unit not updating the cloud, To fix it I have logged into the unit and turned upload data off and then back on and it has come right. It hasn't done it for a little while now though.

also remember that as long as app is open, wifi is deliberately disconnected, so cloud is not updated immediately if app is open, but as soon as app is closed, it will update.

wifi contact now? The normal behavior is that once wifi is established you can play and do what you want and that will not affect wifi, so there should be no connection with that and the changes you did in settings. it was a coincidence.
We have seen a few unit sometimes loose router connection but most of themruns for month without loosing wifi/router connection a single time, so if you often looses contact with router you should look over the router settings. Thats all I can say at this stage with not so much info. If you have still issues with router contact, just send us a mail. We can also always check with the server and see if you are connected and get help from the cloud team. /J

I THINK the above was a ME error caused by turning bluetooth off - Make sure the app is closed yes but leave BT on.