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RE: Reagent calibration

when you do calibration, the pumps will always run the same number of steps and depending on your setup (length of hose, etc), it should be around 10ml. It is perfectly ok if you don't get 10ml during the calibration as this is what calibration is about. enter the value of the "output" in the cylinder (remember each line is 0.5ml for the small cylinder), then save it. Check the LCD screen that it is what you saved. if you now run the test pump accuracy, it will output 10ml exactly. if not, please redo the calibration.

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A good detailed review from a good reefer in Singapore

[0_1537023761807_Alkatronic usage 7 months_Rev2.pdf](Uploading 100%)

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Update 4.0.2 is released!

Please follow the below link to get the latest FW update for the Alkatronic.

We will be pushing out the wireless update in the next 24 hours after the apps are released in app store and google play store.

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A case from Italy

Just received this from one of our users from Italy. With the help of Alkatronic, this system is able to achieve a very stable dkh. This is also a very good example showing how Alkatronic can help regulate your calcium reactor. One interesting point about this setup and how the user has set the Alkatronic is using the upper limit to control his calcium reactor instead of the commonly used lower limit.

8_1535733440178_EAE1AC55-7B9B-4A5E-A7A9-9DFBA0DEC410.jpeg 7_1535733440178_AB21240B-9C46-455C-9E7F-0C550BB49CBC.jpeg 6_1535733440178_C97D1095-FACE-49DB-8309-CB10AE4681F6.jpeg 5_1535733440178_D27BE4DB-E5F4-4628-8AD0-39AA251D4296.jpeg 4_1535733440178_5DCB3AA2-1166-412B-B224-811327AD8679.jpeg 3_1535733440178_B02012EA-376E-416E-8FB1-24ECB277560A.jpeg 2_1535733440178_9169CDD0-3F1C-4F4A-B745-D020A61479B5.jpeg 1_1535733440178_E8F15664-C89E-417D-8BB0-2BC465C4D2DD.jpeg 0_1535733440177_B0299F0A-FEA0-4138-8730-489D1214FE8E.jpeg

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RE: What features you like to build into Dosetronic?

@eric 0_1535125507622_Dosetrinic final case.jpg

one very possible design of the Dosetronic. what do you think?

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RE: What features you like to build into Dosetronic?

@daniel-eriksson said in What features you like to build into Dosetronic?:

My wish list.
-One feature I would like to see is to be able to set total number of dosed amount (in ml) per day and how many times during the day it should be dosed. Say I put in 100ml, 10 times per day it should dose 10ml evenly distributed 10 times over 24 hours.
-Another feature would be to select hour to dose for every channel during the day. Lets say I want to dose more during the day I could select 4 doses during the day and 2 doses during the night (exsmple of dosing schedule: 02, 06, 10, 14, 16, 19) - the total amount to be dosed should be distributed event between the selected times.

this is already included for an easy setup procedure. total ml per day and how many times per day

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RE: What features you like to build into Dosetronic?

@jesse-hilder said in What features you like to build into Dosetronic?:

I would like to see the dosetronic dose other elements like calcium and magnesium based on the result of the Alkatronic and total alkilinity demand.

this is exactly what we are aiming for when user has both alkatronic and dosetronic. it will be a very powerful combo when put together.

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RE: What features you like to build into Dosetronic?

@olivervm said in What features you like to build into Dosetronic?:

  • a possibility to connect float switches or sensors to give a warning when the dosing bottle is empty.
  • a calculation based on the dosing amount that says when the dosing bottle will probably be empty, with a warning beforehand to check the bottle as it is near empty.
  • a back flush possibility
  • possibility to connect a stirrer per dosing channel
  • possibility to dose bigger amounts than usual, example automatic water changes
  • possibility to name the channels, and to name the doser.
  • possibility to change the colour of the dosing heads
  • possibility to store a certain dosing schedule with a name, example: carbon dosing, so when needed, i can just activate that dosing schedule instead of reprogramming everything.
  • possibility to program x increment or x additional dosings in x days, like a acclimation program on lights for corals.
  • manual priming
  • drop dose possibility (thinner dosing lines?)
  • calibration for drop dosing, calibration based on weight or ml dosed.
  • a set of extra dosing heads with different gauge of dosing lines (like used in the alkatronic)

grtz oli

very good suggestions. just like alkatronic, we already have an alert when reagent or the kh solution is low. we have the accuracy of the pumps to calculate that instead of having a float switch.

One thing I am not sure is the connection to a stirrer because of extra safety tests when we have extra power sockets on the product.

the dosetronic will be accurate to +/-0.5ml based on tests we have done so far.

not 100% sure about the drop dose? you mean very fine dose?

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